Geographical Structure of Kirklareli

Location of Kirklareli

Kırklareli is a border province where is located between Istranca and Ergene in Trakya part of Marmara district. Kirklareli is stated between 41*14′ – 42*00′ north latitude and 26*53′ – 28*13′ east longitude. Bulgaria is located at the north of Kirklareli, The Black Sea is stated at the east of the city, Istanbul is located at the south east of the city, Tekirdag is stated at the south of the city and Edirne is located at the west of the city. The altitude of the city centre is 266 metres and surface area of the city is 6550 square kilometre.

The landforms and climate conditions of Kirklareli

Kirklareli is located on Ergene valley where is at the east of Meric basin and on Istranca Mountains which are forming the north part of Marmara basin. The north of Kirklareli is covered by Istranca Mountains where are towards to North West and south west. One of the these mountains with an old kernel is more flat and low where is the north-eastern of sources of Buyukdere and Ravza River, elevation does not exceed 750 meters in this part. The south-eastern portion is narrower and higher.

The peak of the mountain which is 1030 meters located in this portion. Rivers are short and they are flowing fast which are swell in winters and springs because the peak of the mountain towards to north. The longest one of these rivers is Revze (Mutlu) River. There are some morasses on the Black Sea side of these rivers. Most of the rivers of Kirklareli are parallel with each other, they flow towards to northeast and south west, they get into the Ergene and they are poured into the Aegean Sea. The north hillsides of Istranca where have high proportion of rainfall and cold winds. When height is increased from hillside, rainfall increases as well. This location has intense beech forests. The south of the Peak of Istranca Mountains, tablelands and oaks are located instead of high mountains and intense beech forests. Rainfall decrease here, forests are thinning towards to south as some stains and temperature increases along with southern part. In Kirklareli, two kinds of climate conditions are structured. Black Sea coast has intense rainfall, this coats is cold in winters and chilly in summers. In the midlands, summers are hot, winters are cold and rainfall is less than coast as snow.

Rivers of Kirklareli

Kirklareli is located on the Marmara and Meric basins which are medium size of the basins in Turkey. Marmara basin is consisted of lots of rivers and Meric basin is consisted of the main body of Meric river and lots of distributaries of river.

Meric Basin: One of the most important basins in Turkey about agricultural activities. Total water gathering land is 14.500 square kilometer and the average water ratio is 1 billion cubic meter. 1.381.000 hectare plains are located in the basin 1.223.000 hectare of these plains are irrigable. The west, south and southeast parts of Kirklareli are stated on Ergene basin. Meric basin is consisted of Ergene river, Pasakoy stream, Sulucak Stream, Luleburgaz Stream, Babaeski (Seytan) Stream and Teke Stream which are distributaries of Meric River.

Marmara Basin: Basin’s total water gathering land is 24.000 square kilometer and the average water ratio is 6 billion cubic meter in a year. 319.000 hectare plains are located in the basin 237.000 hectare of these plains are irrigable. Fast and short rivers of the basin are Ircil Stream, Bulanik Stream, Pabuc and Kazan Stream, Revze (Mutlu) Stream, Efendi Stream, Bahcekoy Stream Cilingoz Stream and etc.

Lakes and Reservoirs

There are lots of small lakes in Kirklareli and the most of them are stated on the Igneada collapse of basin. At the end of the 3rd term and at the beginning of the 4th term, some lagoons which are linked with Black Sea were formed and some small lakes were formed as a consequence of landslips of some valleys.

Erikli Lake: Erikli Lake is a norrow and long lake which is located between sand dunes on the north coast of Igneada. In winters, this lake drains off from an outfall to Black Sea and this lake is covered by morasses. In summers, outfall is closed by sand dunes. Efendi Stream, Geyik River and Mavroca River are drain off to Erikli Lake.

Mert Lake: Mert Lake is stated on the land where on the south of Igneada and back of sand dunes. In summers, the lake is linked with Black Sea with a closed outfall. This lake has a great natural potential for tourism. Rigth after of morasses, forests begin and Deringecit River drains off to this lake.

Sakpinar Lake: Sakpinar Lake covers a part of the land where is near Aypolos pier. This lake is covered by forests except for the east of the lake. This lake is stated on the valley of Bulanık River and there is a bench of a sand dune in front of the outfall which is located in front of the sea.

Other Lakes and Ponds: There are some small lakes namely Hamam Lake and Pedina Lake on the Bulanik Stream Valley at the back of Sakpinar Lake which are formed by some collapses on small valleys. These lakes are owned significant natural beauty. In addition, some lagoons are formed especially in summers which are located on south and north bights, Kastros and Cilingoz.

Furthermore, some pounds were builded by Headquarters of Soil and Water on Ergene Basin which are benefited for modern irrigation. These ponds are, Yanciklar and Osmancik which are in Pinarhisar, Bayramdere and Devecatagi are in Bayramdere and Ceylankoy is in Luleburgaz. There are two reservoirs in Kirklareli which are namely Karakaya Reservoir and Kazankaya Reservoir. Karakaya Reservoir has been completed and it is benefited for irrigation on agricultural activities. Kazankaya Reservoir is still under construction. This reservoir will be benefited for irrigation and potable water supplying so purification unit of this reservoir has just completed.

The east of Kirklareli is from end to end the coast of Black Sea. Wavy coast which out from outfall of Revze (Mutlu) river extending to south and turn to west and generates a natural harbour. The coasts are generally rocky; sand dunes are located at the beginning of valleys and on the bights. After Limankoy, level of coast decreases about sea level and arrives to Igneada basin. In this basin, lakes, morasses and sand dunes are located. After Sakpinar lake, coast steepens and wide sand lands are seen on Kastros and Cilingoz bights. There are highly limited natural harbours near Kirklareli so Limankoy is the most important harbour of Kirklareli. Limankoy is closed to only north and northeast winds. All coasts of Kirklareli are open to the north, northwest, northeast and southeast winds.

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