Nov 19, 2014

Opinion on the “sack law” is also known as No. 6552 “Business Law and Amendment of Certain Laws and Decrees with the Law on the Restructuring of Certain Receivables” was published in the Official Gazette No. 29116 date 11/09/2014. With new applications for membership dues to the restructuring of debt added to the TOBB Act No. 5174 was enacted by the Provisional 18th article. In this context,
1) Application of our members before the date of September 11, 2014 that they have to pay even though they must pay our room, must pay dues in October 2014, includes all fees except 2.taksit debt.
2) Of the members must apply by December 1, 2014 at the latest, until the date of the application in order to benefit our Chamber petition organized by a temporary 18th article.
3) Calculated 6183 Public Receivables relating to the Covered debt dues will be cleared according to the Law on the Procedure of Collection of delay time. However, until the date of September 11, 2014 Yi-PPI new amount to be calculated based on monthly exchange rate, actual receivables (dues origin) was added, the account will be the total amount. Payment will be based on the estimated total amount.
4) Advance 10% Payment Discount: the total amount owed all, at the latest to apply 01 until December 2014 petition and, if payable until December 31st 2014, 10% of the total amount of discount will be applied.
5) Payment may be made in installments: at the latest by 01 December 2014 to apply until the date of the petition and financing options upon request, which was re-calculation amount is divided into eight equal installments. The remaining amount of the first installment of the final payment on 31 December 2014. 3 is payable in seven installments on a quarterly basis.
6) However, if any of the prescribed time and manner of payment of installments, the amount collected under the main application money will be deducted from the debt and late payment penalties in accordance with Law No. 6183 for the remaining debt will continue to be operated.
7) Total sum and installment amounts, up to the maturity date of the credit card to be charged is known single shot. Also be made by credit card installments.
8) Of the members who want to take advantage of the practice, they sue, as well as fulfilling the specified conditions, they have to resort to legal remedies and abandon their lawsuits. Enforcement costs and attorney fees and all costs and expenses related to receivables paid in this context can not be claimed as mutual.
9) If the job is to leave or officially abandoned due to a tax liability ends even though the room our records continued to expiration date until the payment of the debts of the members of our tax liability is to be implemented this practice provisions after the date of expiration of the tax liability accrued the fee payments will be waived.

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