Nov 19, 2014

Related to Occupational Health and Safety Workplace Hazard Class is also a member of our Association in accordance with Communiqué found

the determination of workplace occupational health and safety hazard classes for which Commission officials 12-

The work of the commission at its meeting held on March 13, 2014 date, fast, effective and efficient order to ensure continued, “Evaluation of the objections made to the Workplace Hazard Class Procedure “has been signed.

The Commission shall meet in accordance with the procedure referred to in January of each year. Businesses related to hazard class objection claims, “Application Form on the Hazard Class Changes” to complete, depending on the filling they are the top employers’ organizations (TOBB, TİSK, TESK, public-Business) will do with the hub. Related form the objections which have been reported in the Name field workplace / industry representatives meeting to be held in the Ministry of absolute should participate. Representative fails to attend the request will be rejected. meeting sent no later than 30 days prior to the record documents and MLSS applications were received in the unit since meeting will be on the agenda.

In this regard will be made to occupational health and safety hazard class for the objections,

Malivesosyalpolitik they address in the frame of the procedure by filling in the attached form.

You can perform.

Announced our valued members….

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