Nov 19, 2014

Article 6 (1) Hazardous Materials Operations receiving the document, renewal or change of activity

In the circumstances, businesses should contact the Regional Office with the following information and documents.

a-) Application form (Appendix 1),

b) the entity’s title, address, engage the person authorized to represent the capital, the founder and

Trade Register showing changes, if any, showing the common organization of the Trade Registry Gazette

Submission of the original or notarized copy of the newspaper,

c) the legal entity; title, address, date of registration, subject to working capital and trade that was written

Annual Document Room, the room is connected to the real person from the room in record / certificate of activity,

b-) and represented in the legal entity empowered to submit the original or a notarized signature circular people

copy, whereas in actual person signing declaration,

d) persons authorized to represent the legal entities / persons, whereas in actual person about the person’s criminal records,

(2) representatives on the companies operating under the same trade name, where the address

Hazardous Activity Certificate must take a representative for each of the regional offices.

Regulation of Hazardous Activity Certificate

Article 7 (1) of the Hazardous Materials Operations businesses that want to get the document referred to in Article 6

shall apply to the District Office where the company with documents.

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