Establishment Speech

With regard to Kutulu Kumcu the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Journalist Ali Riza Bey’s speech

Our state of the TRADE
Reverend merchant friends.
Unfortunately, we have a very clear and obvious devotion. Our merchants: they see business almost certainly under generally shipped.
Advertising, like propagani in ihüyacat and other tabiiyye collected yet refrain from being around a clan we yokit.
Our very guardian and regulations by competent, although it is the Chamber of Commerce consists of a name. He graduated from his hometown to rescue the nation biggest Gaza. It finished second war began, most mühemm economics and trade battles. Still vesaitl Kuru’ülâ of the progress of the trade, we expect wealth is futile. In some places economic wars will drag us fakru necessity to defeat. What we are not to concern with the Stock Exchange.
We live next to the istanbul, who will provide us trade activities, he tevakkuf cause movement for the allocation of a job bank. What happened to our investors and traders in our trading business does not show us the way. Körebe games such as small shopkeepers and traders sinking elicited everyday clan can not see why patronage.
Thank you so request, on behalf of the country’s welfare and happiness should come hareketa should attempt Magadan accomplish these tasks. We expect great service and himmet from a Chamber of Commerce.
Yields of up to five hundred without being subject to a ceremony none of the traders and shopkeepers Chamber of body or decentralized from should not be allowed to not trade the performance without malumatt, and must provide revenues to the room, both rooms of the country Mufid should make it.
This course is not going to invite a good trader within forty per our duty, it is a debt we in consideration.
Ali Rıza 1950 until today Kırklareli Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Assembly Rooms. Board of Directors and Presidential term of office:

Assembly Presidential Executive Chairman of Ferudun Cicioğlu 2 years Jacob Gurel 2 years Ahmet Vcral 3 “Ahmet Ziya Çetintas 2” Conquest Plate 5 “Sıtkı Pekip 5” Jacob Gurel 3 “Burhan thin I” Mehmet Öztürk 3 “Abraham Gürv 1” s by Zia “Abdi Herzegovina 2 “Mehmet Akyürük 1” Ashraf Buzol 1 “Murat Herzegovina 1” Sami Özturh 4 “Abdi Herzegovina 16” believers Babatunde 1 “Dundar Çetintas (official) Honorary Slate 13” Mehmet Akyürck 1 “Hasan Buzol (official) 1950 to present Room General Secretary and Minister Recep Deliorman 1950-1960 term of office 1961-1980 Ergun Mehmet Ali Basut Gürdal 1980-

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