Source of The Name of Kirklareli

It is not clearly known when and by who the city was founded, nor under what was the oldest name. There are three mounds at “Höyükler Mevkii” which is located at the south of the city and at the east of Kirklareli Aslibey road, also there are two mounds one of these is located Aşagi Pinar Mevkii and the other one is stated near Eriklice village. These mounds proof that there was an ancient place in Kirklareli. The source of name of the city until recently which is Kirk Kilise is not clearly known as well. When Kirklareli was conquered by Turks, the name of Kirklareli was “Sarama Ecclesies”, so this name was translated to Turkish and called as “Kirk Kilise” by Turks and called as Kirk Kinise as well for a short term. When Sandjaks were converted to cities in first years of Turkish Republic, Kirk Kilise’s name changed to Kirklareli and became the city centre on December of 1924 with 537th regulation of law for the remembrance of 40 Turk heroes who conquered the city. The name of district which is Trakya roots in Tracks, they have located on district in XII. Century B.C.Tracks called this district as “Thrake” and the Romans called as “Tracha” so, both of these words was meaning that the location where is stated by Traks.

Trakya district was called as “Pasaeli” in the last term of Ottoman Empire, this name was arise from Suleyman Pasa who has purchased for this district.

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