Our Fiscal Policy

Kırklareli Trade and Industry Chamber, to meet the needs of its members, to facilitate their professional activities and development, professional discipline to dominate honesty and trust among members and the public, performs operations to ethics and to maintain solidarity and provide writing services in the law number 5174. Use sources of income referred to in Law No. 5174 for the realization of these activities.

Kırklareli tariffs for services and fees provided by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in accordance with provisions set forth in Law No. 5174 of the Chamber Assembly prior to each fiscal year is determined by the socio-economic conditions and announced

The budget of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry kırklareli with the requirements of the plans and programs taking into account the productivity benefits and cost elements, prepared according to the principles of thrift and fiscal period and apply

According to the annual income kırklareli Chamber of Commerce and Industry (source), expenditures are planned. This plan is organized within the framework of expenditure and expenditure balance of sources is provided.

Spending from the budget, the board’s vice chairman and general secretary will be done with partners or the authorized signature of the treasurer. In the absence of general secretary, treasurer, secretary-general rather than member’s signature is required.

According to the Budget and Accounting Regulations moving Kırklareli Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes generally accepted accounting principles in accordance with the uniform chart of accounts and accounting records.

Management and control of financial resources and expenditure account on a regular basis financial reports to facilitate the commission review the offer to the relevant bodies.

Kırklareli Chamber of Commerce and Industry as term deposits with assets owned, as liquid funds, participate in, establishing subsidiaries, government bonds, treasury bills, taking evaluates doing repos. Cash deposits would be negative returns on risky investments are not permitted to use the field.

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