Tobacco Products Regulation on Procedures and Principles Regarding the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages and Presentations

Nov 19, 2014

TOBB from the date 30.04.2014 and numbered 0545/8957 in the summer of crops from TC Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority

The Office of Competition and Consumer Rights, article No. 07700 of 21.4.2014 and date; With Law No. 6487

Alcohol and Spirit Drinks No. 4250 pursuant to the amendment to the Official Monopoly Law No. 27 808 date 07.01.2011

Gazette enacted Tobacco Products and Procedures and Principles Regarding the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages and Presentations

About mutatis mutandis also in the regulation of alcoholic beverages within the scope of the provisions relating to the advertising and promotion

Article 8 of the provisional regulations in the transition to be applied in alcoholic beverages outlets in advertising and promotional applications

has been reported to determine the time.

Within the framework of Article 8 of the Regulation temporary;

1- portable or fixed totem include all kinds of advertising and promotion of alcoholic beverages in workplaces, canvas, umbrella, canopy

and awnings, advertising and promotional purposes in any material contained in the workplaces from the date 03/18/2014

use is prohibited,

2- the tools they use in companies operating in the alcoholic beverages sector, the recognition of the brand on this product

an application that allows to avoid, on the said vehicles, the spirits brand spirits brands, logos,

The use of emblems and marks, trade titles for company information, the side surface and a side surface of these tools

be included in the rate will exceed 10% of the area and the location on the vehicle’s forward any brand trade name AnlArIndA

in a form that is reported to be prohibited from the date of 03.18.2014 do differentiation.

In addition;

3- in the workplaces of all kinds of signs from the date of 11.06.2014 including the advertising and promotion of alcoholic beverages or

it is prohibited to be taken outside,

4- the production of alcoholic drinks, marketing, sales and eighteen years of age from the date of 11/06/2014 in the open presentation

fill the employment of persons is prohibited,

Racks and stands advertised alcoholic beverages containing 5- workplaces is prohibited to use from the date of 9/18/2014,

6 of retail alcohol sales of alcoholic beverages are put in place and the work done on spirits brands, emblems

and logo on the front of the existing cooler, until the date of the registration must be made in the closed part of the work place 6/10/2014

Using as possible, of this nature is prohibited to use the coolant from the date of 06.11.2014

have been reported.

Under the said provisions of the Act and Regulation No. 4250, with retail sales of alcoholic beverages or open

businesses in advertising and promotion practices and to comply with the relevant legislation relating to the time of such application

must be performed in accordance with the provisions, if done contrary to the legislation responsible for applications

taken under the provisions of Law No. 4250 on the application of administrative sanctions that have been reported.

And announced to all our members are strongly related.

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